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Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt

Graffiti artists from Egypt, Tunisia and Germany will create a street art gallery from 10th of April around the Tutankhamun exhibition hall in Frankfurt.  Some of the best known and most active street artists from Egypt will participate, including Aya Tarek, Ammar Abo Bakr and Ganzeer. El Seed, a street artist from Tunisia whose work has influenced graffiti artists around the Arab world, and Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case from Germany, who recently did murals in Egypt, complete this distinguished line-up.  

El Seed - Tunisia

Aya Tarek - Alexandria, Egypt

Ammar Abo Bakr - Luxor, Egypt

Another highlight is the exhibition of ten massive ankh sculptures (the Egyptian key of life) in Frankfurt. Created by ten Egyptian artists - including Bassem Yousri, Ebrahim Eslam and Aya Tarek – the ankhs add their protest and voices to the walls of Arabic Graffiti with the 3ankh project.

3ankh project

The street art gallery is rounded out with a program of related events:

Thursday 12th of April
Solitaire: theater performance by Dalia Basiouny, director and actress from Cairo
8:00 pm 
Followed by panel discussions with Dalia Basiouny and the street artists and the cultural activists Caram Kapp & Don Karl, moderated by Dr. Kersten Knipp.
Gallus Theater, Kleyerstraße 15, 60326 Frankfurt

Friday 13th of April

Opening of the Street Art Gallery

First Friday Egyptian Street Art & Arabic Graffiti
7:00 pm - Midnight 

Arabic Graffiti - El Seed & Don Karl present the book and project
8:00 pm - Exhibition Foyer

Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution - Ganzeer & Don Karl
9:00 pm -  Exhibition Foyer
Tutankhamun exhibition hall, Mainzer Landstraße, Güterplatz, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Ganzeer - Cairo, Egypt

Since the start of the Arab uprisings the Middle East has seen an unparalleled explosion of graffiti. Many slogans which were later sung by the people on the streets first appeared on walls from Tunisia to Bahrain. Egypt has played a remarkable role in this phenomenon. Even when the army tanks rolled onto Tahrir Square in Cairo, they were immediately adorned with graffiti. Along with people from all walks of life, artists, calligraphers and designers took over the public space. In no time a vital and now globally acclaimed street art scene emerged.

Arabic Graffiti is an intercultural project by From Here To Fame that involves artists, activists and academics from various Middle Eastern countries and their diasporas. Started as an art and book project, the recent events in the region have led to an active involvement of many participants in the transforming changes of the region. Events and exhibitions are currently being developed in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, France and Germany.

The project  Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art is part of the Festival of Egyptian Culture, the program for the exhibition Tutankhamun - His tomb and treasures in Frankfurt.

Arabic Graffiti

ISBN Hardcover: 978-3-937946-26-9
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